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The Dr. Shirley Linzy Young Artists Orchestra of Las Vegas | Yunior Lopez, Founder

My time with the YAO was an amazing experience, a place where I could continue my passion for music in a professional environment outside of school. The YAO has let me play in a very talented orchestra, and as a wind player this experience has become a crucial part of my resume going into college, where I look forward to playing in similar ensembles. -Jaden Huppert, tuba (2020-2022)

Beyond enriching my musical education, the YAO has proven an invaluable resource in developing my interpersonal and professional skills. YAO guided me in becoming a person of my own; through four seasons of concerts, showcases, and competitions, there is no other organization I can think of that is as empowering and beneficial to music students. In sum, the fact that the YAO provides such fine and honest music-making to Las Vegas — all while remaining tuition free — is a blessing I was glad to be a part of.
-Benel Higuchi, violin (2015-2019)

I was a part of YAO for about 2 years during my undergraduate degree at UNLV. I really enjoy my time during YAO because it really helped me with my professional development as a musician. YAO is a very unique environment where expectations are very high and trains young musicians on how to become professionals. Being able to work with musicians from across Las Vegas was real treat and hope a lot of young musicians get to experience this group! I graduated with a BM in Music Education at UNLV and will be pursuing a Masters in Trumpet Performance the Fall 2019 at the University of Utah with Teaching Assistant position. -Bronson Pascual, trumpet (2017-2018)

The Young Artists Orchestra has given me a consistent and high level orchestral experience week to week for the past three years, and I owe much of my orchestral and musical training to the orchestra. The YAO is an asset to the Las Vegas community. -Jordan Farber, bassoon (2016-2019)

Playing in the YAO for two years has not only enhanced my personal playing ability, but has exposed me to many wonderful and talented musicians throughout the city. The difficulty of music in the orchestra also pushed me to adjust to the pace and demand of college auditions and performances. The welcoming community created by my fellow Young Artists helped foster my own passion for music, leading me to continue my music career through college and encourage others to discover the joys of the music world. Overall, my time with the YAO has helped me grow as a musician and guided me on my daunting search for an inevitable college major. -Devin Lopez, cello (2016-2018)

The Young Artists Orchestra gave me opportunities that no other music programs have offered me. The high level of music performed, challenged us and pushed us to the next level of musicianship. I performed and interacted with many professional musicians as well as showcased myself in front of an audience. There was never a time where I felt like I wasn’t progressing as a musician; there was always something new to learn. -Joshua Riel, double bass (2015-2018)

I was fortunate enough to be able to perform with the Young Artist Orchestra of Las Vegas for two seasons and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to perform outstanding literature alongside some of the best young musicians in Las Vegas and with amazing world class musicians. The amount of growth I’ve seen from this organization is astonishing. I look forward to see the organization continue to flourish and provide the students of Las Vegas with an exceptional, incomparable musical experience. -Anthony Alcain, flute (2016-2018)

YAO was a fun, challenging, and professional program I am happy to have been a member of. Musical Director, Yunior Lopez, is a wonderful conductor and mentor. The repertoire chosen by him is always interesting. Being in YAO, I have gained many professional working relationships that have lead to new gig opportunities that I was able to pursue while in the orchestra as well as after having graduated from it. Overall my experience in YAO was a very good one and I am excited to see what they will do next! –Alexandria Pritchard, violin (2016-2018)