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The Dr. Shirley Linzy Young Artists Orchestra of Las Vegas - Yunior Lopez, Founder & Music Director
My name is Gabryel Leser and I’m a junior at Shadow Ridge High School. I’ve actually been a percussionist for about only a year or year and a half. I actually play Tenor Saxophone as my “main” instrument. I’ve been playing Tenor Sax for about 5 years now.
I’ve always had a love and interest for percussion when I was young. My father always wanted me to be a drummer and took a couple of drum lessons as a kid. They weren’t much and I didn’t take that many, my father couldn’t afford them for much longer. So after that, that was kind of my “end” for my percussion experience.
In the 6th grade I joined band for the first time and started on clarinet. I played that for a while then half way through my 7th grade year I switched to Tenor Sax actually from the same friend, Jacob, who started me on percussion. He taught me a bit on Sax and just went from there. Instantly I fell in love with Sax but always had percussion in the back of my mind. In 7th grade Jacob taught me a drum roll and that’s when I really started to like it. Time went on and I moved onto high school. Jacob quit band and was at Northwest High School.
I started getting really serious with music my sophomore year of high school. I started to learn a lot of other instruments and still always wanted to do percussion but no one to really teach me. During the summer I’ve been talking to Jacob and I always tried to convince him to do band again but he wanted to go to CSN for his junior year and didn’t think he could do it. But we both started practicing and he was teaching me percussion. Once I did the CSN Summer Youth Camp that really kickstarted my career in percussion and instantly fell in love.