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The Dr. Shirley Linzy Young Artists Orchestra of Las Vegas | Yunior Lopez, Founder

Beau Jones is a 15-year-old violinist who goes to Sierra Vista High School and has been playing for 4 years. Since childhood, Beau has held immense passion and gratitude for music in his heart and always appreciated the art of making music. Albeit the fact that he has never taken private lessons nor trained at any specialized music schools, through his dedication and hard work, he has been able to progress as a musician in ways he never thought possible – he was completely taken back when he got 2nd chair in the Violin II section for the Honors Orchestra program. At Sierra Vista High School, Beau is currently a member of their Chamber and Symphony groups and is also in the Orchestra Council they have there. With a dream of becoming a full-time musician in mind, Beau is eager is to learn, progress, perform, and most importantly, find himself as an artist in the process of being a student. He is elated to have the privilege of being a contributor to the Young Artists Orchestra program and is extremely inspired by the talented, admirable musicians he is surrounded by. Besides the violin, Beau excels within academics as well; he takes all honors classes and challenges himself with AP courses, too. He is a firm believer in pushing himself to his limits and loves to be challenged not only with schoolwork, but with musical compositions as well. Words are unable to fathom how excited and humbled he is to play a role within the wonderful program that the Young Artists Orchestra is.