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The Dr. Shirley Linzy Young Artists Orchestra of Las Vegas - Yunior Lopez, Founder & Music Director

The Susan D. Barton Music Competition 2020

October 18, 2020 at The Windmill Library Performing Arts Center

The Young Artists Orchestra will host the annual Susan D. Barton Music Competition in October 2020. Recently named after longtime Las Vegas music teacher, Susan Barton, the competition is open to all students in Southern Nevada regardless of YAO affiliation. The competition will be divided into 3 divisions – an Intermediate division for students ages 5-7, Jr. division for students ages 8-14, and a Sr. division for students 15-22. Up to $750 will be awarded in cash prizes in addition to certificates, medals, and/or trophies. Finalists will also receive a professional performance video courtesy of TRP Productions ($150 value). Please read competition rules listed below.

Application Deadline: Monday, October 5, 2020 at 11:59pm PST
Preliminary Round: (5) minute video to be used as a preliminary round/screening (submitted with application)
Live Competition: Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 12-4pm
Application Fee: $50.00 (YAO Students) / $75 (Non-YAO Students)

Competition Divisions
Intermediate Division: ages 5-7
Junior Division: ages 8-14
Senior Division: ages 15-22


*Due to COVID-19 the competition will be closed for the general public. Select parents & family will be allowed in the hall. The event will be recorded and presented online. 

Application Form
Music Competition
*Students 17 and under
If your piece does not require an accompanist, then leave blank. If you do not currently have one, then type TBD, and email us a name when it becomes available.
Please provide the name of composer, piece, and movement.
Please provide a link to your preliminary video. YouTube links are preferred. Please be sure to have video as unlisted or public.
Application Fee: $50 for YAO Students / $75 for Non-YAO Students
Credit Card *
Billing Address
Billing Address
Preliminary Round

Students must attach a link to a (5) minute video to be used as a preliminary round/screening round. Video must show the student from head to toe, and students must state their name, age, and date before beginning their audition. Videos do not have to be professional in nature. Cell phone videos are welcome. Please note that accompanists are not required for the preliminary video. Students may use music for the preliminary round. Music must be memorized for the live competition.

If you have any questions about the preliminary round or any other aspect of the Susan D. Barton Music Competition, then please email us at

Competition Rules

1. The Susan Barton Competition is open to all students in Southern Nevada regardless of YAO affiliation.
2. Competitors must fit in one of the age divisions; (Intermediate) ages of ages 5-7,  (Junior) ages 8-14, and (Senior) 15-22. Age is based on the day of the competition.
3. Competitors may compete with a string, wind, or percussive instrument. Guitar students are welcome to apply. Piano applications will not be accepted. Pianists are recommended to visit our partners at the Las Vegas Piano Competition. Please email us if you have eligibility questions.
4. Competitors will compete in a preliminary video round. Accompaniment is not required for the preliminary video. Please read above for more information on the preliminary round. Finalists will be invited to compete in the live competition.
5. Competitors must have an accompanist for the competition, but may also compete with solo repertoire.
6. Each finalist will have up to 10 minutes to perform their selection in live competition. If the competitor goes over 10 minutes, then the judges will have the final say on whether to stop the soloist. Musicians will not be penalized if they are stopped.
7. Competitors must have their music memorized for the live competition.
8. Competitors who also participated in the Carol Jackson Concerto Competition must perform different repertoire. Competitors may not repeat programs.
9. All decisions are final. Judging panel of up to 4 judges will decide on a first, second, and third place winner in each division.
10. Winners of the Susan Barton Competition agree to perform and/or be featured at upcoming fundraising or special events.

Past Winners

2018 JR. Division Winners
1st – Shyler Macaggi (viola) – Student of Yunior Lopez
2nd – Jayden Kim (violin) – Student of Hyelin Jung
3rd – Carolyn Salvador (violin) – Student of Yunior Lopez

2018 SR. Division Winners
1st – Jordan Farber (bassoon) – Student of Kevin Eberle
2nd – Tristan Macaggi (viola) – Student of Dmitri Kourka
3rd – Devon Zubka (cello) – No Teacher

Susan Barton Competition Winners 2018