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The Dr. Shirley Linzy Young Artists Orchestra of Las Vegas | Yunior Lopez, Founder

Students who need an application fee reduction or waiver please use the application below.

YAO Application - Application Fee Reduction/Waiver
Whether or not a student has a private teacher will not affect his or her audition.
Please pick with group you wish to audition for. If you audition for the Symphony and are not yet musically ready to join, then you may be offered a spot in the Academy Orchestra.
We are currently only accepting video auditions. You may request a live audition if you play timpani or other percussive instruments which you may not have access to.
Students must state their name, age, grade, and how long they've played their instrument. In addition, students must play a piece of their choice that best demonstrates their ability and the required excerpts for their instrument. The solo piece should be up to 2 minutes. Please record at least 5 feet away from your camera/phone. Cellular phone recordings are acceptable.
Do you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch Program at your school? *
Do you participate in Free/Reduced Lunch Program at your school? *
Please explain current financial hardship and if you are requesting a fee reduction or full waiver. Please note if you are asking for a full waiver, the YAO may ask for additional documentation.